Четверг, 08 Май 2008 14:44
Mingoville partners with TEHNE- Center for Innovation and Development in Education- from Romania

After the recent campaign in Romania last month, Mingoville has just entered into a partnership with TEHNE, a non-governmental organization that supports educational initiatives of Elearning, ICT, curriculum development and democratic citizenship in Romania (www.tehne.ro).

TEHNE promotes the European principles and values in the field of education through innovative approaches and technologies. TEHNE also partners with SEE-ECN (South East Europe Education Cooperation Network); EULLearN (European University of Lifelong Learning Network). Further, TEHNE is a member of European Foundation for Quality in eLearning (www.qualityfoundation.org) and the initiator of eLearning.Romania programme, an initiative aiming to gather all the stakeholders in the area of using ICT of education and training in Romania (www.elearning.ro).

With this partnership, TEHNE will promote Mingoville to schools and to their strong network. It is a great opportunity for Mingoville to enforce its presence in Romania.