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Accueil > Company > News > Mingoville Introduces a Virtual World to Teach Kids English
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Mercredi, 13 Mai 2009 07:35

Mingoville Introduces a Virtual World to Teach Kids English

In June Mingoville Launches its New Mingoville World

At Mingoville, we have been working hard to develop a virtual world where learning English is 100% integrated into all games and exercises. A virtual world allows kids to practice and learn English without even thinking about it. We hope you enjoy it and consider using this new teaching tool in your curriculum.

In the Mingoville World Kids Learn English while Having Fun

Like the Mingoville School you are familiar with, the new Mingoville World is also based on the belief that kids learn better when they have fun and when they decide when and where to learn.

In the Mingoville World, all activities and games are in English. We have developed a whole universe based on fun and exciting educational games and exercises that teach children English while they play online.

Solve exercises together with
their friends and classmates

Meet and chat with other
children around the world

Play the letter game

Design their flamingo

Give concerts

And many more fun exercises where they interact and cooperate with other children thus practicing their English.

Educational Material in the Mingoville World

Practice vocabulary and sentence construction.
We are using Safe Chat to prevent bullying, cursing and other obscene words. We call it Safe Chat because the pupil can either choose between predefined English sentences when they want to communicate with each other or they can write words themselves.
When writing, the Safe Chat only allows the kids to use words in its dictionary based on the most commonly used English words. This way, we make sure that no one gets bullied and the kids only write in English. Moreover, the predefined sentences help the student start communicating in English without being afraid of making mistakes in the first place.

Practice spelling.
In Mingoville Letter Game the pupil spells the word that pops up by using the letter magnets on the board. This exercise requires two or more students. The student has to find a letter before other students take it.There will always be enough letters but the flamingo next to you in the game may have grabbed the letter you had spotted. Then you have to find another letter on the board. When the student has spelled the word correctly, he will be rewarded with feathers to his flamingo profile.

Practice cooperation and language skills.
Around the Mingoville World, we have developed different games and exercises where the pupils collaborate to win the game or complete the exercise. One game could be to chat about a subject with your friend, and if you choose the right words and sentences, you both win. In addition to strengthening their cooperation skills, it helps the students to use the language actively to achieve a goal.

Reward system.
Collaboration and successful communi-cation in all exercises and games will be rewarded. When a game or exercise is successfully completed, the student is rewarded with coins or feathers. Coins can be used to purchase things in the Mingoville World. If the pupil plays an educational game such as Letter Game the reward is feathers. Depending on the amount of feathers, access is granted to more and more areas. The more the student improves his English the more feathers he gets. In that way, the English level of the pupil is gradually improved.

Log in, make your own flamingo and be prepared to greet your students.

Mingoville World is based on Dialogue

As with other social networks and virtual
worlds, the Mingoville World is based on establishing and maintaining relations. In Mingoville School, the student individually practices his English skills by completing different educational exercises and games, whereas the new virtual world makes it possible to actively practice English by communicating with others.
This expands the pupil’s English vocabulary, improves his sentence construction, his pronunciation and gives him the experience that learning English is useful and fun.
Mingoville World provides the possibility of experimenting with the integration of social media in your tuition. Based on the Scandinavian English curriculum and requirements for e-learning programs, we guarantee that the educational games and exercises can be 100% integrated into your curriculum. We are open to any feedback, ideas and suggestions.
Please feel free to comment on our blog or write us an email.


Integrate the Mingoville World into your English Curriculum

The Mingoville World is a useful tool for the children to improve their English skills, but it is also a great tool for you as an English teacher. All educational games and exercises in the Mingoville World can be used together with your Mingoville School teaching material.

Parts of the material the pupil has produced in the Mingoville School are integrated with the Mingoville World. E.g. the student has to use the songs recorded in the Mingoville School to perform a concert for his friends in the virtual world. Or the words the student has recorded in the Mingoville School are transferred to the students “resume” in the Mingoville World. If a lot of words have been recorded, it gives the student a special status and access to “closed” areas or missions.

Social Interaction = Dialogue and Active English Usage

What makes the Mingoville World different from the Mingoville you already know is the possibility of social interaction, collaboration and personalization of own flamingo.
To avoid confusion, in the future we will refer to the Mingoville you know today as the Mingoville School. The new virtual world is called the Mingoville World.

Good news

Mingoville is free. You have free access to the Mingoville School and the Mingoville World. However, it is also possible to buy extended access to the Mingoville World and become a SuperLearner. As a SuperLearner, the student will have access to more fun educational games and the possibility of buying clothes and other things for his flamingo. See all the features and the pricelist here.

Mingoville World is complementing Mingoville School

Mingoville World does not replace the Mingoville School you use today. Mingoville World is meant to complement the existing Mingoville material actively integrating the student’s accomplishments from “My Book” into the Mingoville World. Thus the more active the student is in the Mingoville School, the more he can do in the Mingoville World.


We hope you find the Mingoville World as fun and engaging as the Mingoville School and integrate the virtual world into your curriculum. As said before we are very interested in hearing from you if you have ideas, feedback or suggestions. You can also follow the development of the Mingoville World on our blog.

Have fun with Mingoville World
Stephan Stephansen, CEO and Founder