Jueves 08 de Mayo de 2008 14:44
Mingoville partners with TEHNE- Center for Innovation and Development in Education- from Romania

After the recent campaign in Romania last month, Mingoville has just entered into a partnership with TEHNE, a non-governmental organization that supports educational initiatives of Elearning, ICT, curriculum development and democratic citizenship in Romania (

TEHNE promotes the European principles and values in the field of education through innovative approaches and technologies. TEHNE also partners with SEE-ECN (South East Europe Education Cooperation Network); EULLearN (European University of Lifelong Learning Network). Further, TEHNE is a member of European Foundation for Quality in eLearning ( and the initiator of eLearning.Romania programme, an initiative aiming to gather all the stakeholders in the area of using ICT of education and training in Romania (

With this partnership, TEHNE will promote Mingoville to schools and to their strong network. It is a great opportunity for Mingoville to enforce its presence in Romania.